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What do I feed my fish and get optimum result is a question that is uppermost in the mind of most fish farmers. It is an established fact that in all fish farms, the largest operating cost is FEEDS (almost 50%). Therefore, as a fish farmer it is in your best interest to get a good return on your investment in terms of fish weight gain.

Catfish Farming

Growing Catfish From Fingerlings to Table Size

In order to be able to improve eating without undue feed wastage you will need to become an experienced feeder or hire one. This is an invaluable expertise to a catfish farmer. When you feed with the most appropriate feed in a manner that result in fast growth and efficient feed conversion, it will in turn result in more efficient production and in increased profits.

It is pertinent to note that uneaten feed cost you directly in decreased profits and indirectly through degradation of water quality. When you use the most suitable feed and feeding in the manner that most efficiently produces fish, it can result in a saving of about 1½ the variable production cost.

The degree to which the fish consume food is influenced by many factors, The factors amongst others are the environment, quietness, amount of darkness, space available for swimming, temperature and the availability of good quality water etc.

The most fundamental factor you need to pay attention to is the ingredients contained in the feed and how closely it matched the fish’s nutritional requirement.

Therefore the question, what do I feed my fish is a very important one. Apart from using imported feeds, it is possible to compound diet from various ingredients found in local feed stores that will satisfy these requirements.

However, you will need to adjust the quantity of these ingredients within the diet with the intention that the totals of the carbon-hydrate, proteins, lipids, fibers, vitamins, and minerals falls within the expected range. Therefore feed formulations requires a great deal of expertize and patience.

The evaluation of fish food for its economic benefit is based on calculating the food conversion ratio. This is the amount of feed in kilogram that is required to produce 1kg of fish. Therefore a feed conversion ratio of 1:1 means that for one kg of food fed, one kg of fish was produced.

Remember, that feeding your fingerlings/juvenile with the right feed is very important. It is even better when the feed is energized.

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Do you have suggestions on what you feed your fish that works for you? Feel free to share.

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