Apr 12

The Wealth

The Greatest Wealth Transfer

Is About To Take Place

What Reserve Are You Building

For Your Future

The Greatest Wealth Transfer

The Greatest Wealth Transfer

Profit From

The Greatest Wealth Transfer

Now Or Die A Financial Death

All “The Wealth” you want in this life is within your reach. “The Greatest Wealth Transfer” is about to take place, what reserve are you building for your future and generations to come?

Do you know that you have the potential to profit from “The Greatest Wealth Transfer” that is about to take place now? That is if you know how to build a reserve for yourself just as Joseph did for Egypt in the days of King Pharaoh.  However, if you don’t take the appropriate steps now, you will end up dead financially in the end.

In a few minutes from now, I will let you into the secret of why I said you will end up dead financially if you don’t take appropriate steps to learn How To Wealth”.

First thing first, my name is Emmanuel. I retired as Chief Technical Officer (Executive Director) in a Government own telecoms company in 2006. Ordinarily I should know “What Is Wealth”, but what exactly is “True Wealth”?

Let’s look at the story of Joseph after he was sold into slavery in Egypt. If you have heard this story before, I strongly suggest that you still stay on because you may not have given a financial interpretation to it.

The story of Joseph gives you very important keys to “How To Profit From The Greatest Wealth Transfer Now Or Die” a financial death. It will reveal the clue to “Wealth Management” in the prevailing economic climate.

Joseph was sold to Potiphar the Captain of the Palace Guards in Egypt. Because of Joseph the Lord blessed the household of Potiphar, everything he had in the house and the farm. Potiphar as a result handed over the administration of everything he had to Joseph except his wife. Good you will say?

Potiphar’s wife became desirous of Joseph and was desperate to have him. However, Joseph was loyal to his master to the core. Potiphar’s wife seeing that she did not succeed therefore plotted Joseph’s downfall and succeeded in getting her husband to arrest Joseph and put him in jail. Women intrigue you will say, sadly the same is happening in the financial world today.

The Chief Butler and Chief Baker to the King offended the King and were imprisoned. They were put in the same jail with Joseph and the Captain of the King’s guard assigned Joseph to them as their servant. Executive high handedness, Joseph must be punished maximally you will say?  One day, both the Chief Butler and Chief Baker had a dream which made them worried because they could not interpret their dreams.

When Joseph, their servant entered and saw that they were worried, he asked them why. They told him that each one of them had a dream and that there was no one to interpret it for them. Joseph affirmed that it is only God who gives the ability to interpret dreams. He then requested them to tell him their drams.

It was the Chief Butler that first narrated his dream and Joseph interpreted the dream to mean that the Butler will be restored back to his position in three days time and pleaded with him to remember him when the time comes and should not forget to mention him to the King. That is sweat you will say?

When the Chief Baker saw that the interpretation was positive, he went ahead to narrate his own dream. Joseph, having heard the Chief Baker’s dream, interpreted it to mean that the Chief Baker will also be released in three days time but instead of being restored to his position, he will be executed. Can you imagine the look on the face of the Chief Baker?

It came to pass exactly as Joseph had interpreted the dreams but the Chief Butler forgot all about Joseph. It was two years later that the King had a dream that all the magicians and wise men in the land could not interpret that the Chief Butler remembered Joseph and mentioned the incidence to the King.

The King ordered that Joseph be brought before him. The King told Joseph that he had a dream that no one had been able to interpret and that he had been told that he can interpret dreams. What a relief it was for Joseph after listening to the King? Joseph told the King that he cannot, but God will give him a favourable interpretation.

The King went ahead to narrate his dream to Joseph.

Joseph told the King that there will be seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine. He told the King what to do during the seven years of abundance so that there will be adequate provision for the nation during the seven years of famine. He also asked the King to appoint a man to manage the process.

The King in his wisdom decided to appoint Joseph as the manager of the process since there was no one wise enough to give him the interpretation of the dream. Therefore, the King reasoned that there is no other person better than Joseph to manage the process.  The king subsequently made Joseph Governor over the land of Egypt and his second in command at age thirty.

Joseph became the financial manager of Egypt and everything came to pass as he had interpreted the King’s dream. Book of Genesis Chapters 39 to 41.

What reserve are you building now for your future and generations to come? Just like in the days of Joseph, a financial crisis the magnitude of which nobody has ever experienced in the world is about to take place. The Greatest Wealth Transfer is imminent; how prepared are you?

Will you take cue from Joseph’s story and build a reserve just as he did for Egypt and all other nations were trooping to Egypt to buy grains?

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All the wealth you want can be yours today if you act now.