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Financial End Game: A Bird Eye Financial View

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A Bird Eye Financial View

Financial End Game: A Bird Eye Financial View

Financial End Game: A Bird Eye Financial View

Have you ever wondered if you can hear the birds speak, then you are welcome to have a peep into the world of the birds.

Bird A        Wait a minute, what is happening, we have been here for quite sometime now no grains?

Bird B        I thought I’m the only one observing the same thing!

Bird A        What do you think is actually happening?

Bird B        May be manners have stop falling from Heaven.

Bird A        It’s impossible; manner cannot stop falling from Heaven.

Bird B        What then do you think is really happening? Is the world coming to an end?

Bird A        The world can’t come to an end like that, there is no sign of global fire yet.

Bird B        The other day, I heard the humans discussing something about financial end game, could that be the global fire?

Bird A        I don’t know, may be we should ask the humans?

Bird B        Don’t you think that may be a dangerous idea?

Bird A        Why do you think it might be dangerous?

Bird B        What if they catch us instead, we might end up in their hungry tummy?

Bird A        What do we do then so that we don’t die of hunger?

Bird B        What if we acquire a new knowledge? What do you think about that?

Bird A        What new knowledge can we acquire now?

Bird B        What if we learn how best to fish and then teach other birds how to fish and we make profit?

Bird A        That is excellent, but there is one problem?

Bird B        What is the problem?

Bird A        We will need to acquire the right marketing skills in order to sell the idea to other birds.

Bird B        What stops us from acquiring the required marketing skills in addition?

Bird A        Nothing but ourselves.

Birds B      Then let’s fly to where we can acquire the knowledge now before financial end game the humans are afraid off catches up with birds also.

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