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Discover How To Destroy Poverty In Your Life Once And For All Times

Discover How To Destroy Poverty

In Your Life Once And For All Times

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Irrespective Of The Outcome Of 2015 Presidential Election In Nigeria;

Would you like to discover how to destroy poverty in your life once and for all times?

Would you?

I'm reminded of  the saying; “In other for construction to take place, destruction must first occur”?
You will only need to  examine the various road construction/expansion projects going on in Nigeria

now to properly comprehend the initial painful effect of destruction.
You can see business owners loosing their premises or even the entire house to road expansion projects.
One good thing, when the roads are completed and the perennial traffic jam disappears,

it’s always a thing of joy to drive on the roads.

However, before that can happen, you must first contend with temporary negative effects

of going to work earlier than usual and getting home much later.

Can you imagine  your children still sleeping in the morning when you set out to work and

having gone to bed in the night before you get home? Can you?

You must first destroy the poverty in your life in order for you to create true wealth, .

Permit me to properly introduce myself.

My name is Emmanuel and people call me Emmanonline.

I retired in 2006 as Chief Technical Officer of Nigeria’s first indigenous Telecoms company

after 35years of go to work come back, go to work come back, go to work come back.
As a retired Executive Director with a supposedly fat pension,  wouldn't you think

that I shouldn’t have any problem?

That was also my thought then.

But one year down the line, Government in its wisdom

decided to liquidate the pension fund and payoff everybody.

That was the beginning of trouble for both the retirees and disengaged staff of the company.

What would you have done if what you planned to do after retirement was to enjoy

your pension for life and may be do some little business to earn small additional income?

Bang; Government liquidated your pension fund and paid you a lump sum!

What any normal person would do is to invest the money.
Do you agree with me, do you?
That was exactly what I did. I invested in stocks and also expanded my small scale fish farm.
Because of the rapid expansion of my fish farm, in a short time the water challenge became apparent.
The fish were dying in their hundreds anytime we grade or change water.

Before I continue, let me quickly state that this is NOT a writeup on fish farming.

It was in the process of finding solution to the water challenge in my farm that I came across

an out of this world technological solution by an equally amazing company.
I was happy with the solution and end of story.

It was not until about three years later did I realize

the goldmine lying in my backyard untapped.

The potential of this Goldmine is beyond anybody’s imagination.

If Tobing can do this business and succeed, a pop corn seller can,

a mechanic can, a bus driver can, a motor boy can,  a student can,

hair stylist can and even a poultry farmer can.

Wouldn't you like to join me in destroying poverty once and for all? Would you?

It is you and only you that can destroy the poverty in your life.

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Don't you want to discover how to destroy poverty in your life

once and for all now?

Don't you?