Oct 11

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Oct 11


The Sunset Of life.

The Sunset Of life.

The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West everyday.

Although, the sunset is a beauty to behold, it signifies

the end of a day and then ushers in the period of rest.

No matter how brightly the sun shines during the day,

it will surely set at dusk and so also,

the life and aspiration of men.

This is what I call The Sunset Of life.


  • What do you have to retire to, when the Sun sets in your life?

  • What do you have to fall back on, when retirement comes calling at your door?

  • What long lasting system, do you have in place for yourself and your generations to come?

  • Do you want your generations to come, to ask you where you were during the Interactive E-commerce Revolution or Bless you for being a part of it?

  • Do you want to put a long lasting system in place for yourself and your generations to come now; before the sun sets in your life?

  • Do you wish to have a system in place that will enable you to Achieve Your financial Freedom?


If yes, the time to take your destiny in your hands is now,

before The Sunset Of Life sets for you.

Be a part of the greatest imminent wealth transfer

that is about to take place.


Join the QNET Family Now.

QNET will assist you to put a SYSTEM in place

that can lead to your Financial Freedom.

Your grand Children can benefit from the system

long after “The Sunset Of Life” might have set for you.

Trust me millions of people will be caught napping

because the sun will set faster than they expect.


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Oct 11


"You Are About To Discover How I

Hit My Internet Goldmine

And How You Too Can Literally

Attract An Endless Stream Of

Prospects To You,

Ready To Join... Automatically"


Dear Fellow Netpreneur,
If it is your desire to attract an endless flow of free leads that are so qualified... and very eager to get started... that they in fact pay you to show them the plan... this then, will be the most important message you will ever read.

Why Is This So?

After retiring from 35years active service of go to work come back; I joined my (primary opportunity) network marketing company about four years ago, and made lots of success out of it and helped lots of people with their problems in the process.

Can I tell you something very interesting?
A few months ago...

I Could Not Sponsor A New Independent Representative
If My Life Depended On It!

This is true.
I was fifty-four years old at the time when I joined my primary opportunity network marketing company. I joined the company as a result of a unique product which helped me to solve the water challenge that I had in my fish farm. I could count the number of active people I had sponsored on my two hands.

It doesn’t matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't make a living from MLM despite the fact that I did everything my up-line told me to do. My circle of friends are all retirees with little or no pension and too conservative to go into network marketing.

When I told my up-line that I am tired of the traditional word of mouth method and I will want to explore the possibility of taking my network marketing business online, he said I must be doing something wrong. That the traditional word of mouth method was completely duplicatable and all I needed was to be more positive.

What did I get more rejections and frustration?

I became very broke and I had to spend my last savings on acquiring the right knowledge to take my business online. The truth is that I don’t give up on anything that I lay my hands upon.
It was while undergoing the “Certified Netpreneur Course” that I discovered a secret way of prospecting on the Internet.

An almost embarrassingly simple procedure that requires

no going to meetings...

no rejection...

no cold calling...

and absolutely no selling.

The “Certified Netpreneur Course” has completely changed my mind about network marketing and in fact made me to create this site to share the same success that I had with you.

You will not have to:
• Hassle your friends, neighbours and family.
• Making one single cold-call.
• Spending any money on buying leads.

In fact, people will actually pay you to prospect with this method.
Sounds almost crazy, doesn't it?

You won’t have to bother your friends, neighbours and family again.
No cold-call to leads.
You do not have to show the plan to everyone; they will pay you to show them the plan.
Achieving financial freedom becomes easy.

This is how it works:

The System Is Based On Two "Core Truths"
Of Network Marketing In The Internet Age:

1. The best, easiest and fastest way to make money in MLM today is simply for you to position yourself so that only the hottest, targeted and most qualified prospects come to you (and ONLY you).

2. The old school method of cold-calling leads, holding meetings, knocking on doors and trying to convince people to look at your opportunity is dead.

When you know the secret of this embarrassingly simple procedure, my friend, you'll go from being a prospector who chases people down to being an order taker, with people chasing you down and even paying you for the privilege of showing them the plan. Simply put, you become the hunted rather than the hunter.

So what are you waiting for? Become Qnet Independent Representative In Nigeria

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