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Making Money Online In Nigeria The Three Deadly Sins Of Nigerians

Making Money Online In Nigeria

The Three Deadly Sins Of Nigerians

Making Money Online In Nigeria  The Three Deadly Sins Of Nigerians

Making Money Online In Nigeria

The three deadly sins preventing Nigerians from making money online in Nigeria can be best illustrated by these stories.

1.0 In the scriptures, it is written that Jesus stood at the shore of lake Gennesaret and when people were pushing their way to him to hear him speak, he saw two boats anchored at the shore while the fishermen was their nets.

He entered the boat belonging to Simon and asked him to move away from the shore a little. After Jesus finished speaking to the people gathered on the shore, he then asked Simon to move the boat further into the deep part of the lake and that Simon and his partners should let down their net for a catch.

Simon doubting the possibility of catching any fish told Jesus that he and his partners had toiled all night without catching any fish in the lake. He doubted Jesus right? On a second thought since they are already inside the lake he said he will let down the net if Jesus said so.

He did, and to their surprise they caught so much fish than they can handle. They had to beacon to the second boat and the two boats were filled until they were about sinking. Luke 5 Vs 1-10. Today Nigerians still doubt their ability of making money online in Nigeria. While those who are making money still believes that their secret must be kept to themselves out of greed, yet there is enough money to be made by everyone when you freely share.

2.0 In another story Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law and the people they brought to him thereafter. In the morning he left the town and went to a quiet place. The people started looking for him everywhere and when they eventually found him, they wanted to keep him in the town to themselves.

He however told them that he must go and spread the Good News to other towns and villages because that was the assignment God gave him. It is recorded in the scripture that Jesus spread the Good News in the synagogues throughout the country. Luke 4 vs 38-44.

Did you recognize the principle of leverage in the story? Some Nigerians would like to keep the secret of making money online in Nigeria to themselves and a select few thereby exhibiting a sign of selfishness as if there is not enough for everybody.

3.0 In another story, we were told that Jesus traveled throughout the towns and villages with his disciples and some people he had healed. Luke 8 vs 1-18. He gave the parable of the sower. A man who sow corn, scattering the corn in the field some fell along the path and the birds ate them, some fell on the rock they grew but died eventually, some fell in the bush they grew but were choked by the thorn. Those that fell on the good soil grew and produced corn stock a hundred fold each.

What category do you fall into; the corn that fell on the path, on rocky grounds, thorn filled bush or good soil? I’m sure you will choose good soil that will bring forth good fruits a hundred fold.

Therefore, if you would like to make money online in Nigeria while avoiding this three deadly sins of Nigerians; then I’ll like to invite you to learn how to create your own eCommerce store and start making money online in Nigeria in two simple steps even if you don’t know how to set one up. This is a perfect retirement plan for you.

Yes by applying the principles of leverage and master mind working with few people you can start making money online in Nigeria as a Nigerian with this simple business model.

The time to act is now if you really want to start making money online in Nigeria as a Nigerian.


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