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What are the important considerations in selecting pond sites?

How to select fish pond site

Selecting Fish Pond Site

There is every need to take great care in selecting your pond site. The advantages of a good location consist of cost saving during construction, simplicity of operation and production efficiency.

 While no two farms are precisely the same however, you will need to take the following factors into consideration in your choice of sites

 a.  Simplicity of Drainage: Preferably by gravity and in the alternative by use of low cost water pumps

b.  No flooding history: Most especially as a result of periodic release of water from nearby water dam causing rivers   to overflow or prolong rainfall.

c.   Land use history: Previous agricultural land where the use of serious pesticides has been deployed should be avoided.

d.  Nearness to an ongoing intensive agricultural farm: It is better to avoid siting your fish farm on the downwards side of an ongoing agricultural farm where chemicals are likely to be used.

e.  Ability of the soil to retain water: In other to reduce the cost of your site development you need to determine the water retention capability of the soil and amount of ground water on your intended site.

Choosing the ideal site for your fish pond

In choosing an ideal site for your fish farm good quality water source is a very important consideration. People have been known to rely on water from river or even rain water. However, you will be better off with water source that you can be sure of the quality and quantity.

Soil that is rich in clay content has better water retention characteristics and it is good for construction of fish ponds.


It is my hope that the explanations in this post will help you answer the question what are the important considerations in selecting pond sites? You should remember that the right choice of pond site is very important.

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