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On Top Of Google In 48Hours Flat

Who Else Wants

To Learn How To Be

 On Top Of Google

In 48Hours Flat:

As Newbie Without Any SEO Experience?

On Top Of Google


From The Desk Of Emmanuel.

Dear Friend,

Have you heard this saying; “Selling Is The Number One Skill You Must Learn If You Are To Be In Any Business And Dominate It”

Yes, that is true!

You are about to discover how to be on top of Google in 48hours flat as a newbie without any search engine optimization (SEO) experience. This book reveals the step-by-step guide on how to be on top of Google search in 48hours flat. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie without any SEO experience.

In 2003, I went into African Catfish farming on the advice of a friend. While trying to overcome the challenges faced with the water problem in the fish farm, I came in contact with an ENERGY PRODUCT in 2007 which helped to solve the problem of low resistance to stress and other diseases that accounted for high mortality rates in my catfish farm.

I decided to promote the product amongst my friends and colleagues who are mostly retirees with little or no pension. What did I get; the product is excellent but no money to buy. Some of my friends even asked me to buy it for them. If I keep buying the product for everyone then I will not be in business.

I decided the best way out was to take my business online. That was the beginning of a new experience for me. I established free blogs on Blogger and WordPress. Then, I was faced with another challenge of getting reasonable traffic to my blogs. After over two years of walking in the dark I decided to empower myself by attending a three months practical oriented “certified netpreneur course”.

The only condition for graduating was to show evidence of money earned during the course. During the course I used the knowledge gained to promote my primary opportunity business and I succeeded in earning some commission and as a result I was one of those that graduated.

Since graduation I have consistently applied the knowledge gained and increased my visibility on the net. After my persistent effort, I have finally cracked the code to take any product I choose to promote to the top of Google.


I could choose to keep it to myself but I don’t think it will be fare to do so, in view of the imminent wealth transfer that is about to take place. Many people are not earning enough to survive now not to talk of having fund to invest in an appropriate portfolio that will enable them to be properly positioned to be a beneficiary of the wealth transfer.

Therefore I resolved to make my blue print available for you to be able to follow and implement. This will enable you to dominate any niche you choose and subsequently create wealth for yourself.

In this book, I will take you from the starting point of choosing a profitable niche to a place where you get the customer to happily choose to own whatever product you are promoting. This is the exact blue print that I am using. What is working now.

In this book On Top Of Googlein 48hours flat; you will learn how to:

  • Choose a profitable niche that you want to dominate
  • Discover the best keywords for your chosen niche
  • Write a special report or book
  • How To Author A Book and Sell It For ProfitWithout You Writing A Single Word Yourself
  • Write a killer description of your report or book and as a result of knowing how to get on the top of Google, customers on setting eyes on your description, will happily choose to own the product you are promoting
  • Partner with the right publishing platform to self publish your book and be on top of Google, so that your book becomes visible to millions of eager buyers with credit card in hand
  • Earn money even if nobody buys your book
  • Claim a portion of instant info riches as a result of knowing how to be on the top of Google search
  • Write a killer blog post about your book or report and get on top of Google
  • Turn your killer description into a YouTube Video

When you take action on the information contained in each chapter of this book, “On Top Of Googlein 48hours flat; you will as if it is magic discover that you have actually gotten to the top of Google even if you are a newbie.

Written in an easy-to-read and practical style, this book is not only useful to newbie’s, but also professionals who wants to know what is working now.

On Top Of Googlein 48hours flat is my effort to bring internet knowledge within your reach as you aspire to plug into the instant info riches and build your wealth online. Trust me you need how to get on top of Google Top Secret.

I will say don’t just own your copy of On Top Of Google In 48Hours Flat; recommend it to your family and friends also. That way you will not only take part in the greatest wealth transfer that is about to take place, your family and friends will benefit too.

I highly endorse this book!

Own Your Copy Now.