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The Best Way To Store Pelleted Fish Feed On Farm

How To Store Pelleted Fish Feeds On My Farm

Knowing how best to store pelleted fish feed on your farm is very important because fish feed represents the major operating cost in most aquaculture operations. It is critical that the efficacy of your fish feed is not weakened by careless handling as a result of improper storage. Therefore proper storage of pelleted fish feeds on a farm is very important.

There are various things that can give rise to loss in quality and quantity of feeds during storage. They include but are not limited to the following:

1.     Sunlight

2.     High temperatures

3.     Condensation

4.     Theft

5.     Fire

6.     Infestation by insects and

7.     Scavenging animals such as birds and rats

These are some of the enemies of fish farming that should be given careful consideration. Therefore, it is imperative that your feeds are properly handled and kept to obtain the utmost advantage from them.

Quick Guidelines On How To Store Pelleted Fish Feeds On Farm

How To Store Pelleted Fish Feeds On Farm Quick Guidelines

Some quick guidelines to follow:

Store Feeds in a dry, cool and well ventilated place.

Ventilation points should be low on the side facing prevailing winds and high on the opposite side.

Do not be store feeds for a period longer than two months on site.

Vitamin and nutrient quality will deteriorate with time.


Feed should be stacked not more than five bags high and should not be too near the walls.

Feeds shouldn’t be stored directly on concrete floors but on wooden pallet.

Do not store your feeds in direct sunlight.

First in, first out principle must be observed at all times.

If you follow the above safety measures on the delivery and storage of feeds, there should be nominal deterioration in your feed quality.

Remember, that feeding your fish with the right feed is very important. Therefore ensure the proper storage of pelleted fish feeds on your farm.  It is even better when the feed is energized.

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