Jun 12

The Financial And Economic Crisis

Announcing 3 Smart Ways

You Can Profit From The Financial

And Economic Crisis Brewing Now

And Enjoy An Unfair Advantage Over Others

global economic and financial crisis

financial and economic crisis

Can you really say THANK YOU for the financial and economic crisis that is brewing now?

I will say yes you can, if you learn the best ways to “Create True Wealth”. You know what?

You can create true wealth while also staying healthy.

The topmost desire of every right thinking person, including you is to prosper and also be in good health even as your Soul prospers. The best way to achieve this all round balanced prosperity has been the subject of discussion in many books and on the internet.

The Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary describes the word PROSPER as “to be successful and RICH” and PROSPEROUS as “to be successful and WEALTHY”. It becomes very important to know the difference between RICHES and WEALTH.

“RICHES” has to do with the value of cash and assets that you have as an employee or a small scale business owner, while “WEALTH” is a function of how long your cash and assets can sustain your present standard of living after you have stopped working or your ability to recreate with ease if you were to loose your cash and assets.

So how WEALTHY are you?

One day, one weak, one month, one year or even ten years!

In our rapidly changing world, where what worked yesterday, won’t work today, wealth is made possible or built gradually through passive income.

You create passive income when you establish or become a part of a group or organization that offers the right product to and through the right people using the right system that provides justified compensation or reward for all the team or independent partners involved.

Today, more changes are crammed into everyday lives than our great grand parents experienced in decades; and this process is just beginning. Are you surprised why?

  • Yesterday, natural resources defined power. Today applied knowledge is power.
  • Yesterday, hierarchy was the mode. Today, synergy is the mandate.
  • Yesterday, leaders commanded and controlled. Today, leaders empower and coach.
  • Yesterday, leaders were warriors. Today, leaders are facilitators.
  • Yesterday, shareholders came first. Today, customers came first.
  • Yesterday, supervisors flourished. Today, supervisors vanished.
  • Yesterday, employees took orders. Today, teams make decisions.
  • Yesterday, everyone was a competitor. Today everyone is a customer.
  • Yesterday, production determined availability and value was extra. Today, quality determines demand and value is everything.


The source of power has shifted from capital resource to human resources, from natural resources to knowledge resources, from positional status to relationship process, from share owner client to customer client.


The new global leaders that will generate true wealth will be people who can transmit knowledge and power to each member of their organization.


It is indeed your conscious choice if you want to be part of these new global leaders and to be able to sincerely say Thank You for the financial and economic crisis.


If you want to be part of the new global leaders and be able to say Thank You for economic financial crisis when it eventually becomes full blown; you must learn a new skill today. This is irrespective of whatever you are doing today or what organization you are involved in now.



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