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Filter For Fish Tank In A Supper Intensive System

Filter For Fish Tank

In A Supper Intensive System:

All You Need To Know

At long last… you now have all you

need to know to set up a filter for fish

tank in a supper intensive system

in a simplified step by step guide


Filter for fish tank in a super intensive system

When I started fish farming I knew next to nothing on the subject. Not even what to feed the fish not to talk of fish tank with filter.

Yet I went ahead and committed my hard earned money into the project because I was eager to start something I will fall back on when I retire from my paid employment.  This was three years to my retirement. It proved to be a very costly error of judgment on my part. Looking back now, what I should have done first was to acquire the right knowledge and skill before investing in the project.


It is from this perspective today that I have written this short report on filter for fish tank in a supper intensive system: all you need to know” so that it will serve as bacon of light for none fishery graduates that wants to go into fish farming.

Here are things you will discover in this report:


Learn the difference between bio-filtration and filtration.

Learn about Solid Waste and its classification.

Learn about the components of a simple design of filter for fish tank in a super intensive system.

Find out what determines how many fish that can be kept in a system.

Learn how to make the solid waste produced by the fish to settle and be removed before the water goes into the water filter for fish tank.

Discover how Bio-Filtration breaks down the liquefied nitrogenous fish waste inside a filter fish tank.

Learn about Chemical filtrations and the different methods used in a fish tank filter.

Discover the different method of replacing the depleted oxygen in the fish tank water filter if the water is to be fit for reuse.

And much, much more! In a way you will count yourself blessed for owning a copy of this report.

Don't just get one for yourself; recommend it to your friends & family.

I highly endorse this report!

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