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How To Become Qnet Independent Representative In Nigeria

How To Become Qnet Independent

Representative In Nigeria

How To Register As A Qnet Independent Representative in Nigeria

How to become Qnet Independent Representative in Nigeria

The question “How to become Qnet Independent Representative in Nigeria” which I was asked sometimes ago got me thinking I came to the conclusion that there could be thousands of people who might also want to know the answer to the same or similar question. It is therefore the RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) spirit in me that inspired this post.


All you need do to become a Qnet Independent representative in Nigeria and in any other part of the world for that matter is to follow the three steps procedure hereby stated below:

  • Register
  • Activate
  • Qualify

How To Register As A Qnet Independent Representative

You have two options open to you to register as an Independent Representative.

  1. Go to http://qnet.net the official QNET website, once the site opens click on the option “Become An Independent Representative”.
  2. The second option will be to go through QNET Independent Representative Personalized Website and click on the option “Become An Independent Representative”.

A form will open for you to complete. Input your Country of Residence (Nigeria). Next input your referral’s ID Number (Your Sponsor). Input HY584251 as your referrer or sponsor. Check to see that the ID Number is correctly inputted.

The next stage after confirming that the referral ID (HY584251) has been correctly inputted is to click on “Confirm”.

When you click on confirm, the name of your sponsor or referrer will be displayed. In the case of HY584251 used as example above, the name that will be displayed is ADEKOYA EMMANUEL ADEDAYO if you have correctly inputted the referral ID No HY584251.

The next stage is to complete your billing and shipping address where the two are not the same. After completing the billing address where your shipping address is the same you only need to tick as above.

Please ensure that you complete both the portion for Mobile and Residential phone numbers. If you don’t have a residential phone number repeat your Mobile Phone number there. Don’t forget to include your country code before your phone number i.e. 234-80xxxxxxxx, 234-70xxxxxxxx, 234-90xxxxxxxx etc in the case of Nigeria Mobile Phone format.

QNET business is a serious business that can lead to your financial freedom if correctly done and you have the right mentor. Therefore you must pay particular attention to the next stage. I will suggest that you have a notepad by your side to record the very important information you are going to supply for your own permanent record and future reference.

Your QNET business is transferable to your next of kin up to the third generation. Therefore keep this in mind while completing the next stages.

In the next stage you will provide your ID Number. Your form of ID can be a driver’s license, International Passport, your company ID, Voters Registration ID etc. Next you will state who is your next of kin and the relationship with you.

Next you will choose your security question and provide the corresponding answer. Next choose your security word. You will also need to choose your desired password and PIN. The password and PIN should NOT be the same as they perform different functions.

Having completed this stage you submit the form and you will now be taken to the payment stage. Complete your payment card information i.e. Card type, Number, Expiry Date, PIN etc. You now click confirm for necessary verification to take place. Once the verification is through, you proceed to pay for your registration and a printable receipt will be issued in addition to it being sent to the email address that you have supplied in the previous stage.

You can now click on the BUY NOW button in your receipt to proceed to buy the product of your choice from the various out of this world exclusive product portfolio. For example you can buy Amezcua E-Guard Duo Pack. Before I forget, you will see your referral ID Number in the receipt issued, note it somewhere safe as this is a unique identification number in QNET for you.

A virtual office will also be automatically created for you for your personal management of your QNET business.

How To Activate My QNET Business

You can activate your Qnet business immediately by clicking on the Buy Now Button in the receipt issued to you and proceed to buy the product of your choice or you can login to your virtual office with your referral ID Number and password you gave when you registered.

Once your virtual office opens click on shop now. You have different categories of products to choose from. The product portfolio includes Energy, Holidays, Education, Communications, Luxury & Collectables, Nutrition, Personal Care, Home Care, Accessories. You can choose from any of the out of these world exclusive products you will find in these categories.

Once you have completed your purchase, your physical product will then be sent to you either by courier or you pick it up from your country stockist depending on your choice prior to completing your purchase procedure. For your digital and holiday products under Education and QVI Club Holidays, you will be give access to it online. Now you become an activated Independent Qnet Representative.

Here are some of my favorite products under the different categories. All the products have been carefully chosen by QNET and taken through rigorous qualification process before it comes into your QNET eStore for your purchase.

Energy Products: Amezcua Bio Disc2, Amezcua Chi Pendants, Amezcua E-Guard, Amezcua Energy Shell2, VelociTi Pendants etc.

Education Products: Presentation and Communication Skill, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, eCommerce, Mini MBA, Wealth Management, Performance Management, Motor Sport Management, Accelerated Bachelors of Business Admin – IT, Accelerated Bachelors In Business Admin etc.

Holiday Products: QVI Club Diamond Vacation, QVI Club Platinum Vacation, QVI Cub Gold Vacation, QVI Club Silver Vacation, QVI Club Bronze Vacation Membership etc.

Luxury & Collectables Products: Bernhard H. Mayer Limited Edition Watches and Jewellery, 99 Names of Allah Watch, JR Mayer Coins & Medallions, Datin Umayal Eswaran Fine Jewellery Collection, Himalayan Crystal Collection, Natural Energy Jewellery etc.

Home Care ProductsHomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System, Water from Air Water Filter, HomePure 7 in 1 replacement filter Cartridge, HomePure Alkaline Stick etc.

Personal Care Products: Physio Radiance Pack, Physio Radiance Age Defying Patch,, BioSilver 22 Gel, Swiss Glacier Essentials etc.

Nutrition Products: Nutri Sky Swietenia Macrophyila Juice Premix, Olive Leaf Extract aka Ole, FibreFit Soluble Fibre, Vital Code Raw Multivitamins, Salba Seed Products etc.

Communications Products: In-Voice revolutionary telecommunication solutions etc.

Accessories Products: Adiva Divine Costume Jewellery etc.

Qualification: Third and Final Stage

Qualification is the third and final stage and what is required for to qualify is to sponsor at least two people to become Independent Representatives.

Thanks for staying to the end of this post I hope I have been able to answer the question “How to become a Qnet Independent Representative in Nigeria”. If there is any area I have inadvently left out feel free to share your thought on the area.

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