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University of Lagos Students Break The Cycle Of Poverty

University Of Lagos Students

Learn How To Break The Cycle Of Poverty Now


University of Lagos Students you can learn how to break the cycle of poverty now.

My name is Emmanuel and people call me Emmanonline.

Do you know what? I have four children who have graduated from Unilag between 2008 and 2013. Their disciplines are as wide and varied as Electrical Engineering, Marine Science/Fisheries, Philosophy and Sociology.

For those who don't already know me, I retired as far back as 2006 as Chief Technical Officer of Government owned Telecoms Company after thirty five years of meritorious service.

As a retired Executive Director with fat pension, you would say shouldn't have any problem. I also thought the same way at the time.

Just one year after retirement and even before collecting my gratuity, Government decided to liquidate the pension fund and pay everybody off.

It signaled the beginning of big trouble for the retirees all the disengaged staff of our dear company.

It wasn;t until year 2010 that my son who graduated from Unilag in 2008 got employed. The one who graduated in 2012 and has fished her National Youth Service (NYSC) is an applicant looking for job. The other two who graduated in February 2013 are presently serving their father land.

Why then is the subject of how to break the cycle of poverty of any concern to me?

As they use to say in the time of our fathers,  educate a child in your family and you would have successfully broken the cycle of poverty in the family. So they went to great length to ensure that their children were educated.

However, that time the focus was on secular education. Obtain a good certificate and a good job is waiting for you. Today a good certificate does not guarantee a good job, talk less of breaking the cycle of poverty in the family.

You must know somebody who knows somebody that knows somebody in the corridor of power to secure employment.

If you are to break the cycle of poverty in your family, you must first acquire financial education in addition to your secular education. However, financial education is not taught in any University.

This is the main reason why how to break the cycle of poverty has become a subject of immense concern to me.

How then can you break the cycle of poverty you ask?

As a result of my deep meditation on this subject, I came to the conclusion that if students in their first year (100 level) would embark on a project that can lead to their financial education in addition to their course of study, it will help to fight unemployment in the Nation and subsequently break the cycle of poverty in Nigeria.

I went for additional training in the process of better educating myself even after retirement . It was during the training that an idea of a project that will NOT cost you an arm and a leg came to me.

If you would faithfully implement this project as if your survival after graduation depends on it, you may no longer have to seek for employment as you may have already become self employed while still studying.

Would you like to find out what this project is all about?

If you would, then click on the link in the description below this video to book your seat on this free online seminar where the project on how to break the cycle of poverty will be discussed.

I will personally welcome you. Book your seat now. Your life will not remain the same after the seminar on how to break the cycle of poverty.

University of Lagos Students Break The Cycle Of Poverty