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The ten most important principles of concrete pond/raceway construction are as listed below.

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 1.  Clear your selected site (where necessary)

 2.  Peg out the desired size (say 5m x 2m x 1.5m medium sized pool) or according to designed size and buy nylon    twine or rope to demarcate the pegged area.

3.  Excavate your pond soil into the ground by two coaches of block deep and remove the excavated soil into the center of the pool.

4Blind the floor with cement / sand mix at ½ inch thick.

5.  Floor your pond bed with a good “German floor” mixture of cement, sand gravel and in the ratio 1:2:4 to produce an impervious bed with a thickness 1.5cm (3inch) to 10cm (4 inches).

6.  SLOPE the floor of your pond by two percent towards the lower side for easy drainage

7.  PLUMBING: You should lay 1¼ to 2 inch diameter draining pipe closed with a gate valve and erect a 4 inch diameter perforated pressure plastics pipe which will prevent fish from escaping and at the same time will not get clogged.

8.  Wall: Erect your block walls along the four sides of the pond using 9-inch blocks. Don’t forget to fill the hollow part with concrete as each layer of block is layed. Your pond walls should extend about 60cm (3ft) above the ground level a total pond depth of 120cm (4ft).

9.  Overflow: Additional one coach of blocks should be built round the perimeter and a 2 inches overflow pipe should be install and screened.

10. Plaster: The inner walls of the pond as well as the outer 2ft above the ground level should be plastered with a good thick layer of cement and sand mix in the ratio of 1 bag of cement to 6 head pans of sand or use waterproof cement and mix in the ratio: 2 head pans of sand, plus one bag of cement. 2kg waterproof and allow the mixture to dry slowly by using raffia or jute bags to cover it while also wetting twice daily for 7 days under a shade or cool atmosphere.

Remember, that proper construction of your concrete pond/raceway is very important. Hence you must observe the ten principles of concrete pond/raceway construction.

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