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Mobile Nigeria: Ten years of mobile phone

Mobile Nigeria:

Mobile Nigeria Ten Years Of Mobile Phone


Ten years of mobile phone, Nigeria went from inadequate fixed lines to an explosion of mobile phones everywhere.

When you give Nigerians the opportunity to recall there experience ten years back when there were very few lines and phones were supposed to be only for the rich, all they remember is the distress they had to go through in order to own a phone or even maintain one. Those were the days that out of 1,2Million installed lines about 400,000 were active.

However, as at June 2011 the records of Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), indicated that the number of active lines (subscribers) stood at 90,533,178. What a world of difference.

Today Nigerians now having easy access to cheaper and everywhere available voice calls and other value added services can only recall painful memories of the pre-deregulation era.

What are the painful memories Nigerians remember now?

  • The pilgrimage they had to undertake in order to make international  calls then

  • The poor telecoms service delivery prevalent at the time

  • High tariff prevailing at the time

  • Tos action of NITEL

I wonder what will be their memories another ten years from now.

There is no doubt that the telecoms industry has:

  • brought a large inflow of investment into the country in the last 10 years,

  •  created reasonable employment opportunity and

  • has brought a large sum of revenue to the Federal Government through the regulatory body in form of licensing fees and sale of spectrum.

However, nobody is talking about the negative effect of the GSM explosion on you and me. In countries where cell phones were introduced much earlier than Nigeria, recent studies have found significantly higher risks for brain and salivary gland tumors among people who have used cell phones for 10 years or longer. These are Nations where cell phones are secondary means of communication rather than primary.

Nigeria need to urgently carry out in-depth research in view of the fact that here; cell phones have become the primary means of communication rather than secondary. The average Nigerian stays longer on the phone than its European or American counterpart. This can be seen from the various promotions of free night calls by the different network operators.

Today, you and I carry about two, three or even four cell phones.

Some of us even have a network operator base station/mast installed in our compound or office.

Some are even lobbying or negotiating with one to come and install its base station/mast in their compound or office.

Your health might be already compromised or in danger of being compromised.

Below are some of the negative effects the Network Operators won’t want you to known about and the regulator won’t say anything about.

  • Constant headaches (migraine) in the last few years

  •  Increased high blood pressure in the last 10years

  • Partial stroke or the risk of suffering from it in the not too distant future

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer or the risk of having one

You have a right to know the level of risk you might have been exposed to.

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