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Make Money Online As A Nigerian On Auto Pilot Blogging

Make Money Online As A Nigerian

On Auto Pilot Blogging Even If You

Don’t Know How To Setup A Blog


Make money online on auto pilot blogging

Make Money Online As A Nigerian On Auto Pilot Blogging

Today you can make money online as a Nigerian on auto pilot blogging even if you don’t know how to technically setup a blog. You only need to partner with the right company. What then will be the right company you asked? From my experience there is one right company that you can partner with and having the right mentor/sponsor you get your own personalized website which includes a blog, your own video channel, photo site, marketing tools and a link to your favorite social media sites such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin. Check it out here and see how you can make money online as a Nigerian on auto pilot blogging. Yes the power of liverage will be working for you if you choose to partner with this amazing out of this world eCommerce company. Yes when you partner with QNET making money online as a Nigerian becomes easy. What will you need to do if you want to start making money online as a Nigerian? You only need to take three simple steps.

Become Qnet Independent Representative It is very easy to become a Qnet independent representative; all you need do is CLICK HERE. You will be taken to QNET Personalized Website and on arrival at the site click on Become An Independent Representative. A form will open for you to complete. Please ensure that you keep a Note Pad by your side to record the information you supply for your future use and refference. Do you want more details on How to become Qnet Independent Representative in Nigeria Click Here Now. QnetLife An Amazing Qnet Product Qnetlife is an amazing Qnet product which is a combination of your personalized website, blog, video channel, picture album, training videos and marketing tools such as your own auto responders with one generalized landing page and seven other specialized landing pages all pre-built for you to make list building and making money online easy for you. All you need do is to promote your site and other out of this world Qnet Products on your social media platforms and other blogging sites. Join my team today by becoming a Qnet Independent Representative here. After completing your registration process, click on buy now on your receipt to see all product categories. Then click on QnetLife to see all the options. You have options of quarterly, six monthly and twelve months. I’ll recommend you go for the 12months option so that you can then concentrate on promotion of exclusive Qnet Products in the various categories such as:

  • Energy and Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Holidays
  • Nutition
  • Watches (Limited Edition)
  • Cosyume Jewellery
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Luxury and Collectables
  • Communications etc.

Promoting Your Personalized QnetLife Site Once you have claimed your own Qnetlife personalized website the next step is to activate it. You will have to go to http://qnet.net and after the page has finished loading, login with your IR ID No (that you were given when you became an Independent Representative) and the password that you supplied during registration.   When your virtual office (which had been automatical created after you completed your registration) opens, scroll to the buttom right side and click on My Profile. The sub menu under my profile will open; at the buttom you will see My QnetLife Site. Click on My QnetLife Site and you will be guided through the setup menu. Choose the name of your site carefully to increase the visibility of your site. You can do a Keyword Research on profitable and relevant keywords prior to this time. Once you have completed the setup of your personalized QnetLife Site, then copy out all the urls for your landing pages. That will be the link you will send your prospects to depending on the products you are promoting. On each of the landing pages you will find optimized optin form for your prospects to complete should they require more information. You will get notification via your registered email to enable you followup your prospects. This is indeed making money online on auto pilot made easy for you. Join my team now and become Qnet Independent Representative and proceed to activate your QnetLife Site (just like me) by taking up a twelve month subscription. Together let’s make Nigeria Glorious again by destroying poverty in Nigeria our own way.

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