Oct 11

Dear Mr. Fish,

I received my Biodisc 2 on August 18, 2011 and since then I have been experimenting with it. Let me confess that by the time I received this product, I had read so many online negative reviews on the product and it was like I had come across another scam.

However, I still remembered that on my visit to your house, you had biodisc virtually on everything in your house I was wondering if this does not work as claimed by sceptics, how come Mr Fish has a force wrist watch, pendant, biodisc  on his water supply to his fishes, energized drinking water, energized fuel on his gen set and vehicles.

So I put aside my doubt and began to experiment with the product. Note that my wife was also not helping issues. She kept asking whether I do not know that Oyibo also engages in 419. I then decided to make her my guinea pig. The first thing we noticed was that our sex life had changed.

I noticed it first and kept quiet to see if my wife will also notice it.

We use to make love once in three or four days because it takes me that long to recover. Now, since I got biodisc, I go to bed with it.

It is always under our pillow as we sleep. One night, my wife in excitement, asked me, how come we no longer get tired. I kept quiet and she asked is it Biodisc that is responsible?

 I now spoke and told her that I had noticed the change about two days earlier and only decided to keep quiet to see if she will also observe it since she has been doubting. Testimony No 1

This discovery emboldened me, one night, we were watching television about 8pm and she complained about a pain in her ankle and as my guinea pig I went to work immediately. I used my LED torch light shined through the biodisc for a therapy on her ankle. I did it for like 10 minutes and stopped. We got engrossed with what we were watching on TV and forgot about it. It was only when we got up to go to bed that she observed that she can’t feel the pain again. That was testimony No 2.

Testimony No 3. My wife is long sighted with occasional migraine. One day as shejust complained of the headache as usual, I picked up my disc and began thetherapy. I told her to close her eyes why I shined the light anti clockwise on herclosed eyes. My aim was to deal with the nagging headache which I did, but the bonus is that the following day she discovered to our amazement that  she could now read even tiny letters without her glasses. Isn’t it amazing?

Few days ago, precisely on Saturday, one of the boys that came to my stand at the exhibition and heard me speak about the disc brought a young lady to me who had ankle dislocation about 4months ago and had been undergoing physiotherapy since then but the pain refused to go. When they came to me she still had a slight limp, the ankle was still swollen and when I pressed it she screamed with pain.

When I brought out the disc, she made a cynical remark and I just replied that the mouth that says evil must eventually confess goodness. I went to work with my beautiful disc and it wasn’t  even 2mins and she start complaining of heat on the ankle. I was elated because I knew that whenever the subject feels that heat  I will get a positive result.

I also noticed that as I was shinning the torch anti clock wise, that the swell was diminishing in size. After about 10minutes I told her to stand up and to her greatest surprise, not mine, the pain had gone. She turned and turned the ankle to different  sides  and there was no pain. She now did something that surprised me, she knelt down and begged me that I should follow her to her house because her mum has an acute arthritis. That her case is of more concern to her.

I went with her but unfortunately, we missed the mum. Now, because I now know the inherent powers in my disc, I volunteered to leave my disc with her so that she can do the therapy herself. That was on Sat night, by Sunday afternoon, she called me and said the result was amazing and that her mum kept asking her where she got this magical piece of glass. In her excitement thinking that bio-disc is something you can pick in shop, the mum asked her to call the elder sister that works with an oil company  but holidaying abroad to look for the piece of glass and buy it over there. In any case, I have explained to them how they can get it.

Candidly speaking, the world of BioDisc is an amazing world and I know I will still discover more and more of its health benefits, for health is my area of concentration.

Noel  A.


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Prana Resorts & Spa – Koh Samui, Thailand

(using QVI Club Platinum Vacation Club Membership)

Holiday Mr Panda

“Our experience at Prana was very good. In fact I want to compliment the QVI team for the reason that we could feel the same experience as we landed as shown in the QVI presentation. The place was very nice and comfortable and also very clean. The best part was the staffs that were running the place. We had a great experience at the SPA which helped us de-stress. I have never seen such nice, humble and ever willing people and they really took care of us including the littlest details.

Another very touching incident was when it was really late and our parents have not returned to the resort and we were all worried. We spoke to the hotel staff to ask for help from the local police. Immediately the hotel manager Mr Bruce Keats and Ms Khun Khag stepped in and contacted them. Luckily our parents returned in time but the whole incident still remained vivid in our minds as we all were worried and the quick action taken by the most senior person at the resort was very touching. This really showed the caring attitude of the staff at Prana and this made my trip so much more memorable. It is the small things in life which gets remembered for a long time!!” - Binod Panda , India

EV Turkbuku – Bodrum, Turkey

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(using QVI Club XchangeWorld Xplore II package)

Holiday in Turkbuku

“We want to express our immense gratitude to QVI Club and the staff of EV Turkbuku for such a remarkable and unforgettable holiday. My family and I have visited many corners of the world. But before this, we have not seen such a good hotel and service anywhere else. Luxurious rooms, with separate pools and a fantastic beach, its cleanliness and comfortable amenities, have left the best impressions on us. EV Turkbuku is great for a family vacation, and for partying. Thanks to the DJs and dancers for a great time! We also would like to mention that the hotel offers a charming view of the sea and the surrounding area. It is our pleasure to recommend that place to our friends and relatives. Thanks QVI Club.” - Sergey Vasilyev, Russia

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