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If you have ever had cause to ask yourself, how you can formulate fish feeds in order to save cost instead of using imported fish feeds that are very expensive I’ll advice you read this post to the end. You will gain invaluable insight to the question that has been bugging you.

How Can I Formulate Fish Feeds

How I Can Formulate Fish Feeds

Fish Feed Formulation Ingredients:

You will find in this post a few of the common feeds, which are often mixed together to prepare fish food. It is important to note that some of the ingredients might not be available in your locality. You can however, identify close alternative of equally good nutritional value.

 1.  Fish Meal: It is produced by cooking fish, rolling and pressing to remove water and oil, and then drying. Fish meal must be present in your feed composition or else the body protein construction comes to a halt.

 2.   Soya Bean Meal: It is a major protein source for commercial catfish feeds in the United States and also in Nigeria. It is high in essential amino acids and it is both digestible and palatable. Please note that it is not the same as the ones consumed by the human beings.

 3. Groundnut Cake (GNC):     GNC being cheaper can be used to replace a small portion of the Soya bean in feed. However, it has low lysine content (an essential amino acid) and is also vulnerable to contamination with the mould Aspergilus flavus which produces aflatoxins. Therefore never use mouldy groundnut cake or other mouldy foods.

 4.  Maize: In the form of offal maize can be used as a major energy source in feeds. It is advisable if it can be cooked. However, the cooking that takes place during the pelleting process will improve its digestibility. Maize can form up to 30% of the total diet.

 5.  Wheat offal:   It is a by-product of the milling process. The offal’s have high amino acid contents.

 6.  Vitamins:   You can get proprietary vitamins at your local poultry supply stores. Fish use basically the same vitamin brand as chickens. You can buy broilers or growers premix for healthy growth. It helps to avert the incidence of deficiency disease problems.

 7.   Growth Boosters such as methionine & lysine are a form of amino acids that can also be added to enhance performance.

Remember, that feeding your fish fingerlings/juvenile with the right feed is very important. It is even better when the feed is energized.

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Do you have suggestions on fish feed formulation that works that you have been using? Feel free to share.



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    Pls advice me what type of ingredients we needed and how much quantity require for floting feed for tilapia fish

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