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Fish Demand In Nigeria

Fish Demand In Nigeria

Fish demand in Nigeria is on the increase

just as the demand for World supply of

Animal Protein has increased substantially

to sustain increased interest in Aquaculture

in recent years.



Aquaculture in simple language is known as fish farming.

Today fish farming is making massive pace all over the world.

The demand for fish in Nigeria has increased from 1.2million metric tons

in 1989 to about 1.5million metric tons in 2006. The present local production

is only about 20% of the estimated yearly domestic consumption.

Indeed there is a long way to go, if very positive contributions and

good profit are to be made by fish farmers in Nigeria.

If you are to take the example of agricultural crop farmers,

the first-class farmers look after their crops carefully.

Even before planting, they make certain that the soil is well prepared.

High yield seed or seedlings are selected.

They irrigate their farm regularly and ensure weeds are removed.

Fertilizers are used to enhance production and they look

out for pests and diseases.

In short, it is conscientious work that produces a good harvest.

The same is true in farming fish.

Your fish is the crop while your pond is the field.

The wild or predatory fish are your weeds.

The animals and birds which attack your fish are your pests.

In other to be successful in fish farming, you must make adequate provision

for the needs of the fish. Where you don’t pay enough attention to your fish,

you will in all probability fail.

From experience, I have come to know that failures in fish farming in Nigeria

are due to lack of proper planning; experience, training and management

just mention a few reasons.

It is my strong believe that you will come out with better results

in catfish farming as you give it more focus.

This is because of its growth culture tolerance and rugged physical

characteristics when compared with other species of fish.

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