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Petrol: Fuel Subsidy Removal

Petrol: Fuel Subsidy Removal

Nigerian Youths Takes Hunger Strike To Abuja

As Nigerian Government Plan’s

To Remove Fuel Subsidy

By January 2012

Petrol: Fuel Subsidy Removal Nigerian Youths Takes Hunger Strike To Abuja

Petrol: Fuel subsidy removal plan by the Federal Government of Nigeria has lead Nigerian youths to take their hunger strike to Abuja. The Nigerian government plan’s to remove petrol fuel subsidy by January 2012. What is the implication of this to your business?

Right from the days when Premium Motor Spirit [PMS] commonly called petrol cost eleven Naira per litre, the government has been using fuel subsidy removal as the justification for increase in fuel prices. Today PMS or petrol is sold officially at N65.00 per litre and still government is still talking of removal of fuel subsidy.

When and if government finally succeed in removing the subsidy, PMS is expected to be going for anything between N100.00 to N150.00 depending on what part of the country you live.

What is the implication of the subsidy removal

on your business?

Are you self employed?

Do you own a vehicle, saloon car, jeep, truck

or even trailer?

Do you operate fleet of vehicles?

Are you running a road haulage company

with several vehicles in your fleet?

Do you run a chain of eateries?

Do you manage a bank with several branches

throughout the country?

Do you run a chain of hotels across the country?

Do you own a manufacturing company?

Do you run a University with very large campuses?

Are you a telecoms network provider

with very wide coverage?

If you fall in any of the categories listed above, fuel subsidy removal is going to have a very serious implication on your running cost in the New Year and beyond? The price of oil is going to be one major concern.

You can expect to see about 50% increases in oil prices.

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to go on hunger strike like the Nigerian Youths or join in the protest against subsidy removal?

As a Yoruba proverb says, ‘it is the wise person who draws water in advance for the time he will become tasty’.

What is your plan to minimize the expected negative effect on your company’s operational cost?

Whether you like it or not, when the fuel subsidy is eventually removed, prices are going to rise sharply. The cost of fueling your operations is going to increase dramatically.

Can your operations still remain competitive and at the same time profitable? This I doubt as much.

For your operation to remain competitive and at the same time profitable, you must as a matter of urgency put in place a system the will enable you to improve your fuel economy by 10 to 50% without any chemical addition.

If your bill for fuelling the operations of your organization is ranging between 100Million – 2Billion Naira, per annum or even more; Will you NOT like to know if there is a cost saving solution that can result in between 10-50% cost savings in your fuel consumption?

Not only that, you may NOT have to spend up to 2% of your fueling bill for a solution that will remain effective for fifteen years. Yes you read correctly, fifteen years. This is without any chemical addition into your fuel.


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